OEM Principles of Lean Thinking

Global Principles to Save Time and Make Money

George Trachilis is the CEO and founder of the Lean Leadership Institute. I met George and his company through a LinkedIn contact back in December of 2012. He was offering one of their courses free for a limited time. I took the Lean course comprised of 28 modules and was impressed with the content, presentation materials, and videos. I  contacted George numerous times over the next serval months indicating I would like to publish his material as a book. He finally conceded to my offer and the result was an impressive paperback which he still uses today.

About the Book

This is the revised, Second Edition of the companion text of the Principles of Lean Thinking online course by the Lean Leadership Institute. What exactly does this course teach people? Lean 101 teaches Lean Principles for people in all areas of businesses, the 5 Principles of Lean Thinking originate from the Toyota Production System. How long is the course? The course is about 5 hours in length and can be done on any computer, at any time, and anywhere. My company is in a specific industry such as engineering. How is this course relevant or useful for that segment of the workforce? This course will identify with your customer’s current challenges in business. It begins with a review of what your business practices are currently and then it asks that you identify WASTEFUL activities in your position. About 95% of all workplace activities will be considered WASTE from a customer’s perspective. YES, 95%. This recognition empowers and teaches the student practical processes and improvements for positive change. How advanced is the course? The “101” suggests it is a basic intro to the principles of lean manufacturing, but how does it go a step further than what someone could find in Wikipedia or on the Lean 101 website? This course uses real life situations. By looking at real people describe their real workplace dilemma; this lean training assists the student with the ability to recognize how similar their workplace situation is to the example provided in this course.

About the Author

George Trachilis is co-founder and president Lean Leadership Institute, based in Winnipeg, Canada. LLI is an international coaching services company founded in 2013. An engineer and entrepreneur, George visits Japan each year with Norman Bodek, Paul Akers, and Ritsuo Shingo for a deeper understanding of lean. He has the pleasure of videotaping the entire tour for training and development purposes. George trains students in an online setting where he introduces the Toyota Way, Toyota Kata and Harada Method bodies of knowledge. He has students in Belgium, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Australia, and has just published a book with Jeff Liker that received the Shingo Research Award. That book has now been translated into 8 different languages.